What does Retorica do?

We bring extra eyes and high level thinking to your digital project.

Do you feel like you are getting everything you can out of your website? Are your competitors consistently getting more business than you? These are common frustrations of business owners.

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What makes the difference?

For digital projects, success or failure comes down to one thing.

It’s not about the design of your site. It’s not about the site speed or code quality, it’s about your approach. Retorica specialises in helping in your approach to making the absolute most out of digital marketing.

Working with clients in multiple industries. Working with large and small clients, it’s clear there is no one size fits all approach. Every business is unique and every business is at a different point in their development and, hopefully, growth.

Retorica can help pinpoint the specific challenges your business is facing in making the most out of the internet and help you uncover the approach that will help you to grow.

Whether you’re an agency that needs help with redesigning a client’s website or a start up struggling to market your company effectively online or a more mature website that needs help boosting sales online, Retorica can help you uncover and discover the problems impacting your online success.

Whether you end up paying it or not, most web projects end up costing over €30.000 before they start having an effective return on investment. That’s 300-400 hours of work across design, optimisation, social media, SEO, online advertisements before the business owner starts really feeling their online assets are working for them and not the other way around.

We specialise in improving digital performance. We work directly with brands, supporting agencies and freelancers. We also provide consulting services for particularly challenging projects.

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How it works

Collect sample Post sample Get & Track Results
Collect Sample Post Sample Get & Track Results
We send you a sample collection kit or refer you to one of our partner clinics to have a blood sample taken. Simply post your sample back to our fully accredited laboratory in the packaging provided. Get your results securely in mymedichecks.com and view in your own personal dashboard.

Digital expertise

You have plenty enough to focus on for your core business, becoming an expert in online marketing shouldn’t have to be a second job for you. With smart phones and so much free time going online, movies, music, apps, email, social media, blogs, e-commerce, virtual reality, machine learning, it’s difficult to keep up with as a small business owner.

Because every business is unique and what works for your competitor might not work for you, having the right approach to online marketing is the key and Retorica can help you develop that approach.

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