Consulting takes so many forms that the term has almost become meaningless. For Retorica consulting is is not just being a business psychologist, but to help a client develop and create the right mindset for digital business success.

In a consulting capacity the project has a fixed duration and is for a specific problem that needs to be solved. This is often issues that should have been worked out before a company every opened it’s doors, but business, even for multi-nationals doesn’t work out that way.

For many companies, the digital revolution has compounded existing problems. Companies often have relied on their sales force to come up with the advantages and benefits of buying their products or using their services. The web forces a level of transparency and clarity that many organisations (most, we would say) simply haven’t figured out.

Consulting with Retorica means helping a client clarify and communicating their value to their market using all the tools at their disposal.

From running multinational digital campaigns, working with some of the largest ad agencies in the world, analytics expertise, directing a premier digital UK agency, testing page after page and campaign after campaign, Retorica knows what works online and how to communicate effectively.

We help you define what’s unique in a business using big data to test that value. Rapidly prototyping your story to the market and seeing what touches your ideal customer. Instead of continually relying on lower prices, finding what customers will pay more for and developing the right image around that.

More importantly, as a consultant, it isn’t just someone doing that for your company, but helping the company establish business practices so it’s integrated into the workflows. Ensuring that the right data is being looked at and that the right channels are being used in the best way possible.

If your business is reliant on an ever lower price battle, or you are constantly losing ground to competitors, if your start-up can’t seem to connect to the right customers then it’s time to have an objective view on your business and find a new approach.

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