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You can think of Retorica like the team that makes your car the fastest in the race. Let us help you in coming up with the a great design based on your client’s web analytics for your next web project. Online communications have become more and more complicated with designing for thousands of devices, integrating user feedback and keeping pace with industry best-practice. Let us back you up.

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We have a well tested, proven approach, based on years of experience and thousands of A/B tests. We are conversion rate experts, use the latest tools, and know what works and what doesn’t. Working together will help simplify your business and make you more productive and profitable. Most importantly you will be the champion to your client and they will be more satisfied with your work.


For website creators who:


Enjoy developing more. Are you a coder at heart? Does creating beautiful code keep you up late at night? Do you love solving interesting coding problems?

Does that describe you? We have found that often those that are amazing coders can be bored with the design aspect of web projects. Why not focus on what you love and what you are best at, Retorica can deliver a full design for you to start coding and implement. As with all of our projects, we will review the business of your company and their analytics. Providing you with a production ready landing page in whatever format suits you. You can then focus on what you love: coding.


Enjoy designing more. Do you love making beautiful pages? Do you get lost in colours and patterns? Is your mind overflowing with ideas?

We have found that designers often see their work as art. Unfortunately a client’s website is not often the place where amazing design is appreciated. For creators who enjoy design, but would rather have direction. We can provide either a detailed brief, a wireframe, or a general brief, with examples.

Whether your strong point is design, development, or your client’s website has a performance issue that you need some support on, we can help.

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Whether your passion is design or development we can help support you!

  • Creating a landing page that can significantly increase leads
  • Redesign shopping carts to improve the customer journey
  • Improving contact pages to immediately bring in more results
  • Create a new version of a home page to improve usability

We can help you tackle sticky problems, behind the scenes, to help you win with your client

Website analysis

We are also able to assist you in figuring out a problem on your client’s website. We can provide guidance of what to discuss with them.

How it works

Designers, developers, freelancers and agencies start by sharing access to their client’s web analytics. We then follow our 20-step business review to determine the

We discuss with you the problems the client faces and what the primary and secondary purposes of the page to be redesigned. We also consider any constraints that you face. We deliver our work and give an explanation of our approach so it can be communicated to the client. Our preference is to work in the background. We don’t have any need to discuss directly with your client. We deliver wireframes, detailed design briefings with inspiration and examples, or full designs.

We are flexible, we can help turn things you don’t prefer into strengths. Contact us to see what makes sense for your company. Find out today how to make your life easier while getting the best result for your client. That’s win-win!

  • “We worked in close collaboration with Retorica to update the website of one of our clients. Thanks to their thoroughly analyses and well-developed designs we are now consistently getting better results in terms of the number of visitors and conversions.”

    Wim Soons
    Wim Soons Elevant
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